About Aitziber

I was born in Zarautz in 1973. I am a pharmacist by profession, but writing is my passion. I always have a pen and paper on hand, so I don’t miss a single idea.

Although I have been writing since I was a child, my first novel Tango Urdina was published in 2003. Then came 31 Baioneta and its translation into Spanish 31 Bayonetas, Nomada and Olivetti. In addition I have also written a children’s story, Lapurrak Dabiltza Azokan, and Dardarka, a story that combines science and literature.

In addition to writing stories and novels for children and adults, I have also collaborated on writing articles with local newspapers such as Txaparro and HITZA. Thanks to the program “Writers at School and the invitation of reading groups, I have had the opportunity to chat about literature, creativity, stories, characters and about life in general with readers of different ages.

I like to enjoy nature both in the mountains and on the beach. I love being with my family, reading, listening to music, and practicing a little yoga. I also love traveling.

Digital Editions

Tango urdina, 31 Baioneta, 31 Bayonetas, Nomada and Olivetti are all available in digital editions.

nomada kindle version
Tango Urdina

Happiness, fear, desire to continue writing, vertigo ... A mixture of powerful feelings came from winning this award for my first novel which deals with violence and abuse.


Opera Prima

31 Baioneta

For me it was especially beautiful and exciting to receive the ``Donostia`` Opera Prima award again. This historical novel is about the city of Donostia itself and its citizens who suffered the fire and massacre many years ago.


Opera Prima


It was special to receive the award so far from home, at the Casa de la Ciencia in Seville, thanks to this science-based account that arose from the enormous pain caused by the death of my father.




My Books

  • My first novel, Tango urdina, was published in 2003 by Erein.
  • Later in 2007 came 31 Baioneta, also published by Erein. In 2010 it was translated by Koro Navarro into Spanish under the title 31 Bayonetas, la quema de San Sebastián (Erein).
  • In 2010 I wrote the story Lapurrak dabiltza azokan (Erein) in the children’s section Neskatilak.
  • In 2017 the third novel for adults was released: Nomada (Erein).
  • In 2018, thanks to Dardarka’s narration, I was a finalist for the Inspiraciencia awards.
  • In 2020, despite the pandemic, my latest novel was published: Olivetti (Erein).

“There were three signs written in pencil: alpha, omega and below these a crooked line that looked like a wave. Without a doubt it was my father’s work.”

“Dardarka” (2018,Inspiraciencia)

Get In Touch

Hello! If you like my work, you can contact me.

Although up to now I have worked individually, I would be willing to work as a team with people from different areas.